The Nadaty adventure

Nadaty brings together three generations of family who lived twenty years in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah and Medina.

During these long years in Arabia, we have developed the habit of consuming the best quality dates on a daily basis. Throughout the meetings and friendships, we had the chance to be initiated into the ancestral customs and traditions that surround their consumption in Arabia.

Traditionally in Arabia, dates are offered to anyone invited to their home, accompanied by coffee made with unroasted coffee beans and cardamom.

During our regular trips to France, we have noticed the difficulty of finding quality Sukkari, Ajwa, Shagra, or Khudri on the French market.

From there was born the desire to make discover Arabian dates throughout the world.

After several great meetings in Medina, Qassim or Jeddah, Nadaty finally found the partners of this ambitious project. We were keen to establish relationships of trust with producers, farmers or distributors, all driven by the same passion for this fabulous fruit and for the palm groves.


A worker in a palm grove in the Qassim region, proud of his harvest


In Arabia, all human relations, even when it concerns commerce or business, are always friendly and warm.

Nadaty, in France and in Europe

In France, Nadaty has surrounded itself with companies and partners, particularly in logistics, to support it in its commercial development.

Thanks to its presence in the field and its proximity to the customer, Nadaty has extended its distribution network throughout France.

You will find Nadaty products at resellers, distributors or wholesalers in around forty departments.
on the internet, on his Facebook page or his website.

In Europe, Nadaty is present in Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Our missions

  • Find, import and market products that are good for the planet, good for you and good for men and women
  • Give the opportunity to all our partners to add value to their products and services

Our Values: Respect, loyalty and sharing

  • Respect: for our commitments, for people, their work, their health and their traditions
  • Loyalty: towards our partners, our suppliers and our customers
  • Sharing: sharing healthy and delicious products, our know-how and our experience,