Ajwa dates from Madinah Premium

The Ajwa Date is a unique variety that grows only in the palm groves of Medina in Arabia.
Appreciated for its fine and delicate taste, it has a slight licorice flavor that will delight your palate.
Ajwa date is a sweet and nutritious gem for body and soul!
They sport a black dress and have a delicately fruity taste.

Available in box of 400gr and carton of 3kg

ISO22000, HACCP and BRC certified product.

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Ajwa date from the palm groves of
Medina is unique both in its origin and in its taste.

Easily melts in the mouth,
this date has a pronounced taste while being very sweet.

Finally, it has a
a subtle hint of liquorice that will not leave you indifferent.

The nutritional qualities of
Ajwa dates are no longer to be proven. Its richness in dietary fiber, antioxidants,
minerals and vitamins make it a real

5 to 7 Ajwa dates represent 15% of the contribution
iron day laborer and 35% potassium intake.

It is all these reasons that
make Ajwa an exceptional date.

Prophetic Recommendation:

According to Sa'd ibn Abi Waqass (رضي
الله عنه
Prophet Muhammad (
صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:

"The one who eats breakfast in the morning with seven dates
"Al 'Ajwa", nothing can harm him that day, neither poison nor witchcraft

[Reported by Bukhari (n ° 5768) and Muslim
(n ° 2047)]


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